Jody L. Rogers, Director Youth Bureau, Parks & Recreation

Working for Town of Cicero since 1987 and has been involved with the formation and administration of the CanTeen program since 2002. A member of the Youth Board and Friends of the CanTeen Board.

Toni’Lyn Brauchle, Youth Services Coordinator

Toni’Lyn Brauchle (Ms. Toni) Youth Services Coordinator, has been with the program since the summer of 1998.  She oversees the staff, operation and direction of the CanTeen.  She is the liaison with outside agencies, organizations and coordinate services.  She is also a member of the Friends of the CanTeen.

Tom Beasley, Assistant Director of the CanTeen

Tom is a graduate of CNS High School, and SUNY Oswego and has returned home to our community after spending 4 years teaching up in the Alaskan school system. He is an avid outdoorsman and in his spare time, assists his parents with the family business, Sweetrees maple syrup products. We are very excited to have Tom as a full time member of our CanTeen family!!


The Greater Cicero Community Connections for Youth Board is an advisory board comprised of members from the four municipalities and school district that our Youth Bureau covers in northern Onondaga County – Towns of Cicero, Clay, Salina and the Village of North Syracuse, and the North Syracuse Central School District. Meetings are held monthly with our goals set for the calendar year in fall of the previous year. The creation of a Youth Board is a mandatory requirement to become a Youth Bureau. Members are appointed to serve 3 year terms and a minimum of three (3) Youth are required to be represented on the Board as well. The Youth Board was created and began meeting in January and was officially established by Town Board resolution March 2002. It was originally named the Cicero Youth Board until the membership requested to change their name to the current day “Greater Cicero Community Youth Board” to better reflect the vast partnerships that were forged since its inception and their wide reaching service area. The new name was adopted September 2004.

Mission Statement:

To encourage youth to live safe, healthy, and fulfilling lives through positive relationships with adult role models in a safe, structured, environment and activities.


  1. Nurture ongoing relationships with caring adults in their lives - parents, mentors, tutors, coaches, clergy, etc.;
  2. Create safe places with structured activities during non-school hours;
  3. Encourage youth to live safe, healthy, and fulfilling lives;
  4. Foster skills through effective education;
  5. Develop opportunities to give back through community service;
  6. Engage youth as active participants;
  7. Create opportunities to develop and improve positive peer relationships;
  8. Provide a framework for the realization of one’s full potential



Goal # 1: There will be continued effort to increase community awareness about the Cicero Youth Bureau, Youth Board, Friends of the CanTeen, Inc. and CanTeen.

Objective: Events and activities geared to promote the Mission Statements of the Youth Board and CanTeen will occur throughout the year.


  1. Create and nurture partnerships with local service groups such as the CNS Optimist, Rescue Mission, Senior Centers, Parks & Recreation Departments, Boy Scouts/Cemetery Committee and participate in community events/festivals that pairs teens with younger children, offer site for community organizations to meet.
  2. Submit pictures and articles to the local media and more directly through social media outlets.    Try to recruit a media adult/teen using social media.
  3. Continue to work with Peer to Peer, Teen Council (internally known as the Good Noodle Group or Sources) and create intergenerational programming opportunities through relationship with senior citizens.
Goal # 2: There will be a concerted effort to create Leadership opportunities for the youth in our community.

Objective: Designated activities combined with direct programming and service learning will offer learning and growth opportunities for leadership skill building.


  1. Teen Council/Good Noodle Group or Sources to meet a minimum of twice a month to continue the daily operational tasks of the CanTeen.
  2. CanTeen members to make formal presentations to all four municipal boards, school board at least once a school year. (Start first of the year).
  3. Schedule meeting with funding partners - Town Supervisors/Mayor, Senator, Assembly, our local Legislators a minimum once per year.   (Start contacting first of the year).

Goal # 3: There will be a continued effort to increase the community’s access to the resources available to youth through satellite locations in the northern suburbs.

Objective: Human Service Agencies that are normally found in the metropolitan Syracuse area, will be easier to access and more “user friendly”.


  1. NYS Department of Health – HIV testing and counseling sessions upon request from CanTeen.
  2. CONTACT, Salvation Army, and Prevention Network use resources to cover issues confronting youth and families in our community and to help our youth with issues they deem important to them.
  3. Through the relationship with CONTACT Community Services to schedule programs at the CanTeen.
  4. Continue relationship with Salvation Army (as a resource for runaway and homeless youth).

Goal # 4: A continued effort to educate/raise awareness for the Youth Board and staff regarding issues that the youth feel are important including but not limited to: alcohol, tobacco, substance abuse, pregnancy, social media, cyber bullying, gender etc.

Objective: Activities and dialogue to bolster conversations among youth and adults (community members) including those outside our immediate area.


  1. Invite guest speakers to present and offer discussion on various topics affecting youth and families for Youth Bureau members with the option to advertise to the community at large.
  2. Attend trainings, workshops or conferences and bring information back to Youth Board members.

Goal # 5: Funding.

Objective: Assist Friends of the CanTeen with finding and securing additional funding opportunities.


  1. Hold a minimum of two (2) combined meetings with Youth Board and Friends of the CanTeen to keep lines of communication open about funding situation.
  2. Get teens more involved in process and awareness of need for funding to keep program open and operating. (Involvement to include discussions with youth in the initial stages of planning and available funds from the budget.)
  3. Use networking capabilities to actively search for funding opportunities.


Teen Council Mission Statement:

Bringing a voice to the voiceless, we strive to create an environment where all are heard and respected; allowing the fountain of creativity to keep filling the pool of knowledge to the brim with teen spirit.


Contact Us:

Greater Cicero Community Youth Board
6046 Route 31
Cicero, NY 13039

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