All teens deserve the support of their community and caring adults.

The CanTeen is a safe space where any 8th  through 12th grader can gather guidance, make new friends or just relax.

We offer much more than that, though. The CanTeen is a place to hear from experts and learn from mentors, here to listen or even help with your homework. Our regular field trips and volunteer opportunities are geared toward recreation, education and community service.

If you’re a teen, you are welcome here regardless of your background. The CanTeen is open to anyone, whether you’re interested in food, fun or something more.

Check out all the things you can do at The CanTeen. We can’t wait to see you there!

Play some basketball!

Shoot a game of pool!

Just sit and relax for a bit!

Play a video game!

Play some pong!

Volunteer in the community!

Grab a bite to eat!

Play a board game!

Get resources for success! 

Connect with friends!

Get help with school!

Talk to someone you trust!

Questions and Answers for Teens

What is the CanTeen?

The CanTeen is a youth led drop-in teen center for youth in 8th – 12th grades; located in front of of CNS High School that is open Monday through Friday from 2:00 PM to 7:00 PM when the North Syracuse School District is in session.

How do we get to and from the CanTeen?

Teens at the high school can walk over to the CanTeen after school. Teens from the North Syracuse Jr. High can take a shuttle up to the CanTeen at the end of school day. If you are coming from another school district you must have your own transportation to and from the CanTeen.

Teens are also welcome to stay until our closing times and arrange their own ride home from a parent or guardian.

What can we do at the CanTeen?

There are many things to do at the CanTeen!  We have pool tables, a ping pong table, a media room with various video games, a half basketball court, numerous board and card games, and always plenty of food!  We also offer community service opportunities and field trips.

What are the rules at the CanTeen?

We are an alcohol, drug, and smoke free environment (including vaping). In addition, the youth over time have established 3 main expectations:

1. Regarding PDA (public displays of affection), it makes people feel very uncomfortable & therefore this isn’t the place for it.

2. Clean up after yourself. You are free to cook ramen noodles or mac’n’cheese, however, it is expected that you will wash, dry, & put away any & all dishes that you use so that others may use them. This includes throwing away your garbage, wrappers, cup, etc.

3. The use of foul language (i.e. swearing) & talking negatively about others either to their face or behind their back is not acceptable. This is a place where teens want to come to get away from judgments & drama. Respect of people at the CanTeen & the center itself is a must!

Are there any leadership opportunities at the CanTeen?

Yes!  We have a teen council that any participant can be involved with.  Our teen council plans events, field trips, lock-ins, celebrations, meals, and most things that go on at the CanTeen.  The council needs different groups of teens to be in charge of the various things. 

Is the CanTeen open year round?

No.  We are not open if school is not in session (i.e. snow days, vacation days, etc).  During the summer we spend our time going on various field trips.

Can I still go to the CanTeen if I am no longer in school?

No, if you have graduated or left school for other reasons, you are no longer eligible to be a participant.