Amy Crowley

Youth Services Director

Amy Crowley (Ms. Amy) Youth Services Coordinator, took over the helm of the program from Veteran Youth Worker Toni’Lyn Brauchle. With a Degree in Human Development, experience in Educational Support Services, and having owned and operated a Massage Practice over 20 years, she oversees the staff, operations and direction of the CanTeen. She is the liaison with outside agencies, organizations and coordinates services. She is also a member of the Friends of the CanTeen.

Wesley Sweetman

Assistant Youth Services Director

Wesley has worked in the Mental Health, Educational Support, and Youth Development fields. He also holds a degree in Psychology. He offers support and advocacy to the young people who walk through the doors of the CanTeen, and is in charge of programming. He is also a member of the Friends of the CanTeen.

Youth Board

The Greater Cicero Community Connections for Youth Board is an advisory board comprised of members from the four municipalities and school district that our Youth Bureau covers in northern Onondaga County – Towns of Cicero, Clay, Salina and the Village of North Syracuse, and the North Syracuse Central School District. Meetings are held monthly with our goals set for the calendar year in fall of the previous year. The creation of a Youth Board is a mandatory requirement to become a Youth Bureau. Members are appointed to serve 3 year terms and a minimum of three (3) Youth are required to be represented on the Board as well. The Youth Board was created and began meeting in January and was officially established by Town Board resolution March 2002. It was originally named the Cicero Youth Board until the membership requested to change their name to the current day “Greater Cicero Community Youth Board” to better reflect the vast partnerships that were forged since its inception and their wide reaching service area. The new name was adopted September 2004.


Mission Statement

To encourage youth to live safe, healthy, and fulfilling lives through positive relationships with adult role models in a safe, structured, environment and activities.



  1. Nurture ongoing relationships with caring adults in their lives – parents, mentors, tutors, coaches, clergy, etc.;
  2. Create safe places with structured activities during non-school hours;
  3. Encourage youth to live safe, healthy, and fulfilling lives;
  4. Foster skills through effective education;
  5. Develop opportunities to give back through community service;
  6. Engage youth as active participants;
  7. Create opportunities to develop and improve positive peer relationships;
  8. Provide a framework for the realization of one’s full potential


Cicero Youth Bureau Goals

Goal # 1: There will be continued effort to increase community awareness about the Cicero Youth Bureau, Youth Board, Friends of the CanTeen, Inc. and CanTeen.

Goal # 2: There will be a concerted effort to create Leadership opportunities for the youth in our community.

Goal # 3: There will be a continued effort to increase the community’s access to the resources available to youth through satellite locations in the northern suburbs.

Goal # 4: A continued effort to educate/raise awareness for the Youth Board and staff regarding issues that the youth feel are important including but not limited to: alcohol, tobacco, substance abuse, pregnancy, social media, cyber bullying, gender etc.

Goal # 5: Funding.


Celebrating 23 Years of Building Relationships!